What is CHS?

Cary Homeschoolers, Inc. (CHS) is a welcoming, all-inclusive, secular homeschool socialization and support group. Our purpose is to help our children develop and maintain social connections with other young people and for parents to have the opportunity to share ideas about homeschooling and be a source of support and social release. Our members meet for park days, game days, playdates, and field trips to help encourage and build these lasting relationships.

Where does CHS meet?

CHS primarily serves the local community in and around Cary, North Carolina. Our events and activities are mostly held in the Triangle area, providing a convenient and welcoming environment for homeschooling families. While most of our gatherings take place locally, we also venture out for field trips to exciting destinations such as the zoo and other educational venues.

What is an official CHS event?

Most of the events in our group are self-led and initiated by our members.  However, the Board organizes several events each year, including Fall Kickoff, a Halloween Party, Spring Thing, and can also include dances and expositions.  

How often should I attend CHS events?

The frequency of attending CHS events depends on your family's interests and involvement in specific groups or co-ops. While some groups meet weekly, others meet bi-weekly or monthly, based on member preferences..

Why join CHS?

Choosing to join CHS offers a distinct experience compared to other groups in the area. We prioritize community building, fostering connections, and cultivating lasting friendships among our members. Our group provides a welcoming environment where consistent families gather, enabling you to form meaningful bonds with like-minded homeschooling families. Joining CHS allows you to be part of a community that values and supports each other's homeschooling journeys, creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

How do I join CHS?

To become a member of CHS, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you meet the membership requirements, which include actively homeschooling or considering homeschooling at least one child, residing locally in the Triangle area, and being willing to pay the annual membership fee of $12.

  2. Fulfill the commitment to organize or assist with a minimum of two activities during the academic year (October 1 to September 30). Alternatively, families have the option to fulfill one of the required activity credits by making a $25 donation to CHS. You may also choose to serve in an official CHS volunteer position or role to fulfill the full activities requirement.

  3. To begin the application process, simply click HERE to access the application form. Fill out the form and submit it to get started.

We look forward to welcoming you to CHS and having you as part of our homeschooling community!

What if I am nervous about hosting two activities? 

Please don’t let this requirement scare you.  If you're nervous about hosting two activities, don't worry. Once you join and start connecting with other parents, hosting often becomes easier. Conversations at the park usually involve discussing ideas for future activities, and there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Parents take turns hosting activities that everyone is interested in. We're here to support you in achieving this goal, even if it's as simple as organizing a gathering at a local park twice a year for children to play.

Is CHS expensive?

Joining CHS is affordable and cost-effective. Apart from the $12 membership fee for our private website, the majority of our activities have no additional cost. While some field trips organized by families may involve a small fee, you only pay the direct cost of the trip if you choose to participate. It's worth noting that the primary goal of our group is to enhance learning within the community without incurring excessive expenses. We strive to provide information about numerous free opportunities available in the area through our group, ensuring that you can make the most of cost-effective learning experiences.

Does CHS have a Facebook page?

Yes, CHS has a Facebook page. However, it is important to note that the Facebook page primarily serves the purpose of directing newcomers to our CHS website. It is not intended for member discussions. For member discussions, questions, and engagement, we encourage utilizing the Forum section of our CHS website. This ensures a dedicated and organized space for CHS members to connect and interact with one another.

What is the benefit of having a dedicated private website?

CHS private website is our Connection Hub! Through our dedicated private website CHS members can connect and access various features like:

  • A Shared Calendar: Stay updated on events, field trips, and social gatherings.

  • Discussion Forums: Engage in meaningful conversations and connect with other homeschooling families.

  • Member Profiles: Introduce yourself and foster friendships within the community.

  • Photo Gallery: Share and celebrate memorable moments with fellow members.

  • File Storage: Access important resources shared by CHS and its members.

Our website keeps us connected to the homeschooling community and serves as a platform to share information and opportunities. Join CHS, log in, and participate in the community to make the most of what our website has to offer.

Will my child have opportunities for socializing?

Peer socialization is one of the main purposes of CHS, and we prioritize creating opportunities for children to socialize and interact with their peers. Through long park visits, engaging clubs that promote teamwork, captivating field trips, and valuable learning experiences in small group settings, CHS students enjoy a rich social life that extends beyond traditional school settings. Rest assured that your child will have ample opportunities for socializing and building friendships within our community.

How do I get started with homeschooling in NC?

To begin your homeschooling journey in North Carolina, it's important to familiarize yourself with the official homeschool information provided by trusted sources. You can visit the following websites for valuable resources:


As a secular group, we do not endorse or promote any belief, religion, or culture.  As an inclusive group, we allow our members to share aspects of themselves with the group.  Any posts shared by members, or forwarded from the community, do not reflect the opinions of CHS as a whole.  We encourage members to join or avoid events that differ from their personal beliefs at their discretion.  Events shared to CHS cannot exclude members based on religion, culture, or beliefs.