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Board of Directors

Oversees the running of CHS to ensure the organization is healthy and sustainable.

Contact Committee

Provides contact to people who are seeking membership or have other questions about homeschooling.

Park Day Coordinator

Creates Park Day schedule, recruits and oversees Park Day host volunteers.

Membership Committee

Maintains current membership list and sends an updated list to the website.

Activities Committee

Tracks membership requirements, answers questions about activities, helps members schedule their activities on the calendar and email list. Accepts requests for waivers.

Caring Committee

Provides support for CHS families in need.

Tech Committee

Coordinate and manage all website and email business, make sure website and email processes meet the needs of the organization.

Fundraising Committee

Help to organize CHS fundraising efforts to cover CHS expenses, which allow us not to collect membership fees.


CHS has a number of sub-groups whose role is to support homeschooling families with similar interests and/or age groups. Sub-Groups provide a focal point where parents/kids can brainstorm and coordinate support activities that are appropriate for that sub-group. 


Annual Events

September: Fall Kick-Off Celebration, Membership Meeting

October: Halloween Party

April/May: Spring Thing Celebration, Annual Membership Meeting and Elections

Ongoing Activities

Park Day

Teen/ Tween Table Top Game Day

Nerf Tag Battle

Nature Hikes

Chess Club

Age Group Co-Ops


Cary Homeschoolers began in January 2001 when Lisa Rosen set up the first Park Day at Crowder Park. Her goal was to organize a low-key community for homeschoolers of all backgrounds where kids could play together and parents could support each other. The idea was that the "organizers" would create the framework but the members could schedule the activities that best met their needs, whether it was field trips or classes, workshops or playdates.

Within a few months, the number of families had grown to over 40, and within a year, it was obvious that the group's framework needed to be formalized. CHS was registered as a nonprofit with the State of NC in October 2003. To ensure long term sustainability and that the original intent of the group was maintained, bylaws and policies were created under the oversight of a Board of Directors.

During the first two years, CHS established regular Park Days and Game Days, with the original Game Days taking place at Borders Bookstore every Monday morning. As we outgrew Borders, we moved to a combined Game Day/Open Gym at Middle Creek Community Center in the summer of 2005. Things grew from there.

Today, CHS Park Days take place in parks all over the Triangle, from Cary to Raleigh, Apex to New Hill. CHS Game Day is always welcome at The Gamer's Armory store in Cary.

Over the years, many current members have been part of the Board of Directors to ensure the organization continues to meet the needs of members. Special thanks to those who have taken on the role of President over the years: Lisa Rosen, Linda Whipker, Brian Mellendorf, Fiona Last-Powell, Laura Brain, Lisa Blocker, Theresa Klose, Susan Jones, Vardell Smyth, and John Giardina. Elections take place each spring -- and new board members are welcome!

In the homeschool world, this organization is among one of the few support groups that has grown stronger over the almost two decades it's been in existence, with about 200 families involved in creating a vibrant, active group that provides support to new and veteran homeschoolers. By letting members organize the types of activities that most support their homeschooling journey, the group can respond to current needs of the membership.